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Radiesthesia is the term that was taken from the French 'Radiethesie' in the early part of the last century for the study of perception of radiation in and of the human body by a practitioner, more commonly recognized as the art of dowsing by rods and pendulums.



Dowsing has been recognized for thousands of years - from early Egyptian beginnings to 16th century woodcut pictures (at left) show dowsing and since then it has been used for finding water, minerals, health matters, finding lost people or objects and much more.

There are Dowsing societies all around the world that are very active and always welcome newcomers. Here in Britain the British Society of Dowsers has many regional and local groups, and in the USA the American Society of Dowsers also has many regional and national events. Check our Societies page for more listings.   


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Radionics is the merging of electricity and often computers with Radiesthesia.It is an exciting field that has enormous possibilities - though it is worth getting totally familiar with Dowsing basics and Radiesthesia in general, before starting with Radionics.


If you are new to Radiesthesia and Dowsing than may we suggest  Dowsing for Beginners: The Art of Discovering Water, Treasure, Gold, Oil, Artifacts (For Beginners (Llewellyn's)) as a good starter book, or  Dowsing: The Ultimate Guide for the 21st Century as a very informative book, or look at our Bookshop or Resources pages for more items.


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There are many everyday uses for Radiesthesia that are simple and practical and will enhance your life. This site will guide you through various articles and videos and also from the books available from the Bookshop