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Pendulum Magic for Beginners: Power to Achieve All Goals 

by Richard Webster 

 The pendulum is a simple, accurate, and versatile device consisting of a weight attached to a chain or thread. This book addresses using pendulums for self-improvement, magic, and psychic development. It will teach you how to perform apparent miracles such as finding lost objects, helping your potted plants grow better, protecting yourself from harmful foods, detecting dishonesty in others, and even choosing the right neighbourhood.


Pendulum Dowsing by Cassandra Eason

  This work is a guide to the art of pendulum dowsing. It explores the history and development of dowsing, describing the basic equipment needed and the techniques used. In addition, it examines how dowsing can be used as an aid to decision making and channelling positive healing forces.


Dowsing: The Ultimate Guide for the 21st Century. By Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth Brown's Dowsing: The Ultimate Guide for the 21st Century has to be just about the best description of the faculty of dowsing, consciousness, healing and intuition currently available. It's also carefully researched and thoughtfully written - definitely a 'must have' book. --Grahame Gardner, The President of the British Society of Dowsers
Dowsing - By Hamish Miller 
   What is the most widely-used paranormal human ability? Why was this extraordinary subtle magical art brought to England by sixteenth century German miners? Does it really work, and if so, how?
In this charming book, legendary Cornish master-dowser Hamish Miller shares the secrets of his trade, tells the story of dowsing, and gives key hints and exercises to assist wizards and witches, young and old, in their search for keys, kids, cats, cables and cosmic connections.


The Diviner's Handbook by Tom Graves

   This book is well set out and explains the principles involved in water divining. Recommended for serious beginners.


Dowsing for Cures by Wilma Davidson

  "Dowsing for Cures combines extensive advice on how to cure all sorts of complaints. Wilma Davidson once again teaches us in her friendly and humourous manner how to ask the right questions and this book is a 'tour de force' in that respect. Dowsing for Cures can be used effectively for beginners who wish to learn how to dowse and for experienced dowsers in search of more in depth paths to finding cures. I would suggest this is Wilma Davidson's best book yet and look forward to more."

The Dowser's Workbook by T. S. Graves

  The Dowser's Workbook is a complete step-by-step course in which the beginner can learn the ancient art of dowsing and experience the benefits its practice can bring. Author Tom Graves, a leading modern authority in the field, uses over a hundred specially-designed exercises to teach the techniques of dowsing. These will show you how to make and use simple tools, and more advanced routines that will help you refine and master your dowsing skills.


An Introduction to Medical Radiesthesia by Vernon Weathered

  A classic on the subject of Medical Radiesthesia and Radionics. Although written quite a few years ago, the information is as vibrant now and is a must read for any serious student of Radiesthesia and Radionics.



The science and art of the pendulum: A complete course in Radiesthesia. By Gabrielle Blackburn

  This course emphasizes the practical use of the pendulum in maintaining a state of health by determining the underlying causes of disease. The ancient art of the pendulum, now called Radiesthesia, or Psionic healing, opens many new fields of research, and when learned correctly can be an invaluable source of self-help.



The Secret Art: A Brief History of Radionic Technology for the Creative Individual in paperback (212 pages)

THE SECRET ART: A Brief History of Radionic Technology for the Creative Individual traces this astonishing process beginning with early art designs suggestive of radionic intent.Conceivably, the theory and techniques outlined in this book could provide artists with a revolutionary approach to the creative process that is at once both new and timeless. A potential exists today for radionic ideas to empower creative individuals to develop skills in working with Nature that achieve profound real world results.


Anyone Can Dowse for Better Health by Arthur Bailey

   As a scientist Arthur Bailey was surprised to discover that dowsing actually works. This book is an account of his discoveries and remains true to the spirit of scientific research.


 Pendulum Power by Greg Nielsen

  Anyone trying to determine the best decision or course of action, based on their personal needs, will find the techniques provided in Pendulum Power useful and enlightening.


 Dowsing for Beginners by Richard Webster

  Learn how to use the tools of dowsing: angle rods, divining rods, pendulums, wands, and even your own hands and body. Then go on to discover the techniques successful dowsers use to find what they're seeking. The detailed explanation of map dowsing, combined with the dowsing disc in the special offer at the back of the book, will enable anyone to dowse for anything at all - anywhere in the world!

 Uri Geller's Crystal Pendulum Dowsing Kit

All of us have the instinctive power of our intuition, but in this modern world, we have become disconnected from this ancient art. Uri Geller is famous around the world for his paranormal skills. In this amazing kit, he guides you step by step into the hidden world of dowsing. The box includes: a crystal pendulum - the essential tool for successful dowsing; a pair of divining rods - used by dowsers for thousands of years to locate water, oil, or precious objects underground; and "Learn How to Dowse Guide" - a fun, practical book which explains dowsing techniques in detail. This kit teaches you basic skills you need to dowse using a crystal pendulum or divining rods. It then explains how to use these skills to find lost objects, water, fossils, oil, treasures and archaeological remains. Uri Geller reveals how dowsing can help you on the path to success, health and happiness. With this amazing kit - go on, trust yourself!

The Divining Hand by Christopher Bird 

  The authorative manual on Dowsing. Fascinating and informative with many illustrations, a must for the dowser's library.


The Definitive Wee Book on Dowsing by Hamish Miller

  "Hamish Miller is a very gifted dowser whose wonderful book is full of great insight and humour, while being admirably clear and practical. It is also superbly illustrated. You could be dowsing successfully (for anything!) within twenty minutes of picking up this book."


The Radionics Handbook by Keith Mason


  Radionics is an important form of energy medicine. It is highly effective diagnostic tool and extremely powerful theraputically, providing profound improvements in health and wellbeing. Most extraordinarily, radionics can bring about healing from a distance. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to every aspect of the therapy by the UK's leading radionics practitioner, Keith Mason. You will discover: *How radionics tunes into the body's own energy systems *How radionics measures the energy in your chakras, auras and meridians *How radionics can diagnose and treat a range of illnesses *How to choose a practitioner and what to expect from a typical session *Detailed case histories *How radionics can heal from a distance.

Radionics by David Tansley

  This book explores the interface that exists between the human energy field and the Universal Field of energy in which we live. It shows how these fields can be utilized for distant diagnosis and treatment. It also illustrates that the surest and most effective way to ameliorate a defect in any biological system, is to modulate the interacting and interdependent energy fields by way of the chakras.



How to Dowse by Marguerite Maury

  "This is a good introductory book on the techniques of dowsing and radiesthesia. It contains a wealth of detail, practical advice, and many exercises. It is also free from fantastical notions and the author presents dowsing as a strictly physical phenomenon. Recommended as a good starting point for investigations into this large and contentious subject."


Dowsing For Answers by Wilma Davidson

Dowsing for Answers opens up a whole new world of Dowsing. As well as teaching you the basics of how to Dowse the author demonstrates how you can now find answers to questions uppermost on your mind. You will learn how to find the foods that suit you best, what you may be allergic to and how to improve your health with suitable remedies. Discover how you can use a pendulum as a tool to diagnose illness and to send healing. There are chapters dealing with all aspects of modern life that impact on you and how you can mitigate their effects by analysis with Dowsing .


Scrying for Beginners: Tapping into the Supersensory Powers of Your Subconscious 

by Donald Tyson 



Scrying is the psychological technique of unearthing information by extra-sensory means. It is about clearing your view of the unconscious mind and translating its images, sounds and sensations into conscious knowledge. The many forms of scrying, such as Ouija boards, dowsing rods and aura reading, are examined in this compendium of techniques for those who believe they may have some talent for seership and want to develop their skills.

From the Author

Practical directions about all forms of scrying.
Scrying is usually equated with crystal gazing, or with those forms of seership that use a reflective medium, such as water-gazing and mirror scrying. In fact, it is much broader in scope. The psychological mechanism that works during scrying is described in parapsychology as automatism. Scrying is any deliberately induced transmission of information, acquired by the unconscious mind through non-sensory means, to the conscious awareness in the form of sensory metaphors. This includes sensory, or passive, automatism, where the unconscious mind stimulates the senses to produce sounds, visions, feelings, and so on; and also motor, or active, automatism, where the unconscious produces movements in the physical body that are beyond the conscious will. Thus, many practices not usually considered to be scrying rely on the same underlying mechanism of the mind. Not only crystal gazing, but water scrying, ink scrying, oil scrying, lamp scrying, dream scrying, mirror scrying, aura reading, psychometry and shell hearing are explained, along with dowsing, the use of the pendulum, the Ouija board, automatic writing, trance speaking or channeling, and automatic drawing. These are all forms of scrying. They are explained in practical terms that will allow the reader to actually try them. In addition, the scrying techniques of two of the greatest seers in history, the Elizabethan magus Dr. John Dee, and the French physician Nostradamus, are examined in great detail. The lost water scrying method of Nostradamus, never before presented in any book, is revealed for the first time.
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