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A Life Divined
Nigel Twinn

Author, blacksmith, dowser, designer, engineer, healer, philosopher, sailor, sculptor, social activist and tree planter - Hamish Miller was a modern polymath.

Born and brought up in Scotland, by the early 1980s he owned a highly successful furniture manufacturing company in Sussex. However, a Near Death Experience in 1982 jolted him into a complete change of worldview. This led to him achieving international acclaim as a researcher and writer on subjects at the cutting edge of modern thought and science.

Hamish spent the last three decades of an astonishingly eventful cycle living in Cornwall, where he became an incandescent inspiration to a whole generation of people who were seeking to make some sense of the non-physical world around them.

As a genuinely humble and modest man, he found the unintentional global renown amusing - but such was the nature of his later work, that such acclaim became unavoidable. In 2006, he put his philosophy into practice by engendering the organisation, the Parallel Community, which seeks to establish a virtual bridge between transcendent understanding and grassroots community action.

Using a great deal of Hamish’s own words, this book paints a posthumous perspective on an uplifting, enlightening, exciting and frequently humorous life well-lived.

Paperback, £12.95 + postage.

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