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List of related societies for Radiesthesia, Dowsing, Radionics and More.


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National/State Dowsing Societies:

American Society of Dowsers

Australian Dowsers of New South Wales

Australian Dowsing Society of Victoria

Austrian Society of Dowsers

Brazilian Dowsers

British Society of Dowsers

Canadian Society of Dowsers

Canadian Society of Questers

Canada - Toronto Dowsers

Finnish Dowsing Society

French Society of Dowsers

French Dowsers

German Radiesthesia Society

Irish Society of Diviners

Irish Society of Dowsers

Italian Dowsers

Norwegian Dowsing Society

Polish Dowsers

Spanish Dowsers (on FaceBook)


Dowsing Groups (UK):

Cheltenham Dowsers UK

Devon Dowsers UK

Dorset Dowsers UK

St.Edmunds Dowsing Group (East Anglia) UK

Guernsey Dowsers UK 

Manchester Dowsers UK

Hampshire Dowsers UK

Kent Dowsers UK

London Dowsers UK

Malvern Dowsers UK

Middlesex & Surrey Dowsers UK

Ridings Dowsers - North Yorkshire UK

Slimbridge Dowsing Group -Gloucestershire UK

South Herefordshire Dowsers UK

Sussex Dowsers UK

Tamar Dowsers Cornwall UK

Thames Valley Dowsers UK

Westmorland Dowsers UK

West Somerset Dowsers UK

West Wales Dowsers UK

Wyvern Dowsing Society UK


Societies of Interest:

International Society of Dowsers

Dowsers of the West USA