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It is an instrument that can make simple and complex electronic homeopathic remedies from rates provided with the instrument. It can reproduce frequencies that can be broadcast through the instrument to any patient anywhere in the world, using a blood or hair sample as “witness”. It can diagnose, analyze and prescribe remedies.
It comes supplied with thousands of frequencies, for organs, tissues, muscles, bones, remedies, homeopathic remedies, and psychological and mental conditions.
Brass Silver finish Dowsing Divining Rods
Dowsing rods are a sensitive tool that can be affected by the thought and also will be affected by the external world and energy properties of different things.
It can be used to look for water, minerals, people or something else.
Raw Shungite Crystal Pendulum - Large
The pendulum swings from a black cord, All crystals are fully encased in a large glass vial with screw top and can be removed and replaced into the pendulum making this a versatile option.
The pendulum is a good weight for dowsing partly due to the gold/brass coloured metal casings.
Genuine metal dowsing rods -the traditional tools for finding missing items, buried artefacts, underground water or metals
Easy to use and complete with detailed instructions - even beginners can get results quickly
Access your intuition and higher self - smooth action for sensitive readings
EGR Ltd Divining Rods/Dowsing Rods - Divination and Discovery Tools